“To have a breakthrough, you must consciously connect with the invisible forces that are everywhere around you, urging you to go beyond your old conditioning.”

~ Deepak Chopra


 Welcome to Sacred Breakthroughs

When you are seeking options to improve your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; seek no further, you came to the right page. When you are looking to celebrate your wedding or have a baby blessing ceremony, I can help! I am an ordained minister and can perform any ceremony of your choosing.

Sacred Breakthroughs was created to empower you and to assist you in breaking through barriers that no longer serve you. My mission is to assist you in becoming the best you can be. To inspire, heal, and empower you to have your sacred breakthroughs. Creating a life of love, truth, passion and joy.

I offer many different services to suit your needs and to help you achieve balance in mind, body, spirit and emotions. Take a look at my services and remember we are more then our bodies. We are dynamic spiritual beings, having a human experience as Dr.Wayne Dyer stated often.

This is why I made it my life mission to study all aspects of being human and spiritual; so I can offer many services to serve the WHOLE Being. Not just one level, but all levels of being human. I have been in the holistic field since 2002. I knew my Calling in life as a teenager and I dove right into my studies. I am a student of life, and everything I offer, I offer because I used it first hand to heal myself. I had a lot of pain and fear to release, confidence to build and back pain to heal. Once I saw the benefits, I got so excited and wanted to help others too.

I like to use the analogy of visiting the mechanic. Sometimes you need  to get a tune up, an oil change, body work or engine repaired. The mechanic offers many services to assist you in having a reliable vehicle all in one place. So you do not need to shop around, you can leave knowing that everything you need is readily available. 


I am like the mechanic, I offer many services to suit your needs. Hypnosis assists us in balancing our mind, so we can think more clearly and achieve our goals. You can let go of unwanted habits and Free your anxieties or worries. You can build your confidence and start loving yourselves more. Becoming a better version of yourself. 


Reflexology assists your body – its like having a tune up. It helps your body run optimally, balancing your organs, blood cells, and reduces blockages and promotes relaxation. Here is an example: I have had many women come to me for clearing their blockages in their ovaries area. After 4 sessions they were able to conceive naturally. I can’t guarantee this for everyone, but it has happened and the families are super happy.

untitledReiki is the icing on the cake, it balances not only the body; but the mind, spirit and emotions as well. The effects are immediate. As the healing energy penetrates your body – your mind stills. You drift into a deep relaxed state where all your muscles let go and you feel as though you are floating on a cloud. When I do reiki, I do more then reiki. I offer chakra readings and if you feel like having a guided visualization I also intuitively can  create one just for you. Why? Thats the benefits of being trained in not only one thing. I can guide you safely in many modalities; so you can get the best bargain for your buck. Thats right, I do not charge extra for the guided visualizations or readings. 

Reiki  detoxifies your WHOLE being—from your organs to your emotions. Are you holding on to pain? Can’t let go or forgive someone? Feeling helpless and attracting the same unhealthy relationships over and over again? Reiki balances your energy, so you can have more clarity and attract healthier relationships/situations. Helping you achieve more balance, optimal health and a clear spiritual awareness. Opening up your intuition and releasing old programs that are holding you back from living your dreams. Which means it helps you let go of anger, FEAR and negative energy as well.

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I was recently rated as one of the top best Hypnotherapist in my Region. It truly was an honour. Someone came to me for hypnosis, and “mystery shopped”. Then I got the email letting me know I did a fantastic job. Check it out by clicking this link or the image.



I was interviewed by Rogers TV, Sept 2015










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