4 Reasons to Try Reflexology for Back Pain

Back pain can be one of the most inconvenient things to suffer from. Whether it’s severe or just a nagging twinge every now and then, it can seriously hinder your ability to get through your daily activities. It can also cause difficult sleeping, and without a good night’s rest everything seems bleak in the morning.

A recent survey by the Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability found that back pain was one of the most common health complaints of 12 – 44 year olds, and that many people just believe it’s a part of life. That’s what I used to believe, too, and I know first-hand how back pain can feel because I suffered from it for all of my teenage years. I went for cat scans, MRI’s, Chiropractor and frequent massages because I have slight scoliosis.

Then after having my children(which i was recommended not to have because of my scoliosis) I started getting pinched nerves, especially my sciatic nerve. That pain was so bad I thought I would never be able to walk straight. I was walking sideways and taking medication for the pain. Eventually I realized that there must be another way to feel better, and I found out about reflexology.

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Since I started using it I haven’t had any more back pain. I am pain-free, and I do reflexology regularly as a “tune up” for my body. Just like we take our cars to get “tuned up”, reflexology is a great investment to get yourself flowing optimally. I have 4 kids, and no more back pain.

So here’s the good news: You don’t have to live with back pain! Foot reflexology has been shown to have a positive effect on back pain, for several reasons:

#1: Removes Stress

Removing stress reduces back pain because it reduces the tension you feel in your back, which often manifests itself as chronic pain. The way reflexology works to achieve this is by applying pressure to the feet, hands or ears, which sends a “calming” message to your nerves. This improves your overall relaxation, and makes your internal organs function as well as possible. It also increases the supply of blood to your back. This brings with it extra oxygen and nutrients to feed your cells, and it improves waste removal.

#2: Improves Circulation

Apart from the increase in the blood supply that benefits your body overall, reflexology helps to improve your circulation by breaking down the grainy crystal deposits in your feet. These deposits settle beneath the surface of your skin where your nerve endings are located.

When you have too much acidity in your blood stream, the quantity of these deposits increases, which impedes the circulation of blood through your body. When reflexology is applied to your feet, the pressure helps to break down the deposits and remove the toxins from your body. This allows the blood to flow more freely throughout your system and help reduce pain and tension.

#3: Helps Relax Muscles

If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor for your back pain, you might have been recommended to try muscle relaxant medication. If so, you’ll know that relaxing the muscles in your back helps to soothe and improve the pain. Nobody wants to take medication every day, however, so it’s vital to find other ways of relaxing your muscles than chemicals.

That’s where foot reflexology can make a significant difference, by returning your body to a state of homeostasis or normality. It does this by triggering the various automatic processes our bodies use to balance and regulate our physical condition, such as the release of enzymes to balance your blood pressure.

#4: Releases Endorphins

One of the causes of tension and chronic pain is depression, and even if you aren’t aware you’re suffering from it your body may disagree! Because it is a form of massage, reflexology releases the endorphins in the brain that make you feel good, which helps reduce back pain that may be resulting from it. Endorphins also act as natural pain killers and stress relievers, and can help to benefit you in other ways such as enhancing your immune system’s response to the cause of the pain.

If you’re suffering from persistent back pain, reflexology might offer you a solution you haven’t thought of previously. Feel free to call me to discuss the options this ancient discipline might hold for you.

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