My Meeting with Tony Robbins

On Sept 16, 2015 I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Power of Success event in Toronto. This truly was an amazing experience for me because everything I wanted to attract into my life for that event came true.

If you Believe, Anything is Possible!

This is how the magic happened:
I had bought a ticket in general seating to the event but then I decided to ask if they were accepting volunteers – it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? – so I sold my general seat ticket and told everyone I was going to manifest VIP seats as well as a picture with Tony Robbins. Others thought that was a tall order but the person I am I have faith that anything is possible and I dream BIG!

So I got accepted as a volunteer and there I was, in the room with 50 others. There were multiple different job descriptions for us, and I could have landed up on the door, taking cash, or even in the coat room. But I manifested being an usher in the VIP section, which was only accepting 8 volunteers.

So there I was sitting in the third row, in Platinum seats valued at USD$900 – what an upgrade from my general seat! – and all I had to do was be an usher and make sure everyone in the section got to their correct seats. This was very exciting for me because it made me believe that I WILL get a chance to talk to Tony face to face. During the event I made sure I was visible and did my job as well as I could, so I was asked to go into the VIP room and make sure Tony didn’t get swarmed by anyone after his talk. That was a great opportunity for me because I was right there with him.

While I was there I asked the photographer (see, I did it again – ASK!) if I could get a photo with him, because he’s been a mentor for me since my teenage years. I joined the line-up and what transpired is that all the VIP volunteers got to take their picture with him. I even managed to give him a business card, which he placed in his pocket, and I told him I love him and that he has helped me to become who I am today.

I believe I took charge of what I wanted and this enabled me to network extensively and connect with other business professionals who may be beneficial in my future work. All it takes is knowing what you want and manifesting to make it possible.

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