Do not take it personally

OMG I love this. It is so true. No matter what pain or suffering people put you through, remember no one can truly bury you. Do not let others dim your light. Spread your love and light and continue to grow.

What others do or say about you, has nothing really to do with you. Remember that! one of the 4 agreements(I love the book): “do not take it personally”. People can think anything they want, eg. someone can tell me my eyes are blue. My eyes are blue, my eyes are blue. etc.. But just because they say that, doesn’t make it true. My eyes are green not blue.

Go grow into a BIG willow tree and dance in the wind, reach for the sky and the only thing that matters is whats the truth in your heart.
Trust in your Higher Power, it will never abandon you.
As a child people tried to bury me – I was bullied
As a teen people tried to bury me – I was physically and emotionally abused.
As an adult people realize they can’t bury me. I am a STRONG Goddess that KNOWS my worth and my truth. Stand tall like the tree, firmly embedded in LOVE and LIGHT. Nothing can bury you.

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