Baby Blessing Ceremonies


Welcome, and Congratulations on your sweet baby. The birth of a baby is such a joyous and sacred event for a family. In many different cultures the birth of a child has been celebrated by parents and families as a way to bless, welcome and give gratitude for their safe arrival.

A Baby Blessing Ceremony gives family and friends an opportunity to do just that. Gathering together to give thanks and welcoming the child into their hearts, lives and the world. The child is honored and celebrated with words of love by Rev.Natalie Haig and vows of commitment and love by the parents and Godparents (Guardians). Siblings, if any, are welcome to participate in the ceremony.

Each ceremony is custom tailored to reflect the family’s beliefs and hopes for the child. The words can be changed to make the ceremony more or less religious or spiritual, or a combination of both. We work together to create the perfect and meaningful ceremony that you will cherish always.


Anything you can imagine we can create together. This list is just an example; you can add or delete which ever you resonate with:

  • Poetry read by Parents/Godparents
  • Vows from Parents, Godparents (and siblings)
  • Special notes from family members or guests (I had someone include a song for their ceremony
  • The lighting of candles by the parents, to represent the body, mind, and spirit of the child
  • Blessing with water (Stones are a good way to include everyone present at the ceremony. Placed on each seat, and together bless the stones, (intention/prayer) and add it into the bowl of water; which Rev.Natalie Haig uses to bless the child. Thus everyone is involved, energetically connected and part of the Baby Blessings.)
  • Prayers/Intentions/blessings from family


I would be honored and delighted to meet with you and create an event to honor your child’s arrival and be a part of your celebration. The cost of the Baby Blessing Ceremony ranges between $200-$300 (CAD). For this price you will receive:

  • A ceremony design consultation before the ceremony to plan (approx. 1 hour) via phone, skype or in person (depending on location)
  • The preparation of a customized ceremony outline and script
  • A 20-30 min Rehearsal before the ceremony
  • Professional facilitation of your ceremony at the time and place of your choice (approx. 20-30mins)
  • A Professional certificate acknowledging the baby blessing


To register: Call (905) – 988 – 9009 or contact me here.  


Baby Allora had her Baby Blessing Ceremony on her first birthday. It was a magical day, full of love, family and friends. She had a rose petal ceremony.




Baby Lewis had his Baby Blessing Ceremony on his first birthday as well. It was so beautiful witnessing the lighting of the candles ceremony in Mississauga, On. (Nov 14, 2015)


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