Truth ~ you need to be very mindful who you surround yourself with and what you chose to spend your time doing. 😉

Reclaim your presence. If someone doesn’t honour who you are ~ do not feel obligated to ‘put up – fake up – settle – or anything else! You must take care of you. You do not need permission from anyone. 😁

Detachment is all about freedom to be limitless and open to receive your dreams with ease.

I have been practicing detachment because it’s essential for true surrendering to the universe and gives you complete freedom. 💖

E.g.. I’m not attached to my location I call home. I can see myself living happily in other countries. I can see potential in many locations and know I am free to jump through any doors of opportunity that comes my way. I am not holding on ~ im ready to leap and fly when it’s time. 🌴

It’s ok to not follow the society rules of how you should do things. Stop living for other people’s approval. I detached from my extended family. Because most of them were judgmental, negative or put themselves on pedestals. 💖

It’s ok to cut friends off too. I detached from alot of friends who just wanted to gossip about others, judge others and complain about life. I realized being nice to everyone is not acceptable for me. I decided to chose love. To chose positive people and supportive loving friends.💖

Chose YOU. Don’t settle due to jobs, locations, family, or friends. Be FREE. You are here to live your life your way! Self awareness is #1! 💐

~ Rev.Natalie

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Choose Happiness

Had a beautiful day: 2 clients then family time.
One client was 22 yr old male. And one was a 85 yr old female. They both came for reiki. But what was beautiful was seeing myself in them both. 🌸

I saw how the 22 yr old needed ‘self love’ medicine so we did healing for that. He actually told me he needed this ~ And I realized guys/male need to work on their self worth as much as Goddesses do. He felt unlovable, unworthy and unhappy. Alot of guys don’t have a safe place to let go and heal. They are taught to suck it up – stop crying – be a man! 🌷

We all struggle with self love at least once in our lifetime. The need for approval, the lack of self worth, feeling not enough, feeling ugly etc…. I saw how my teenager years happened so I can shine love to my clients. I know how it felt to be insecure and struggle with self love as a teen and that is what brought me into my holistic and spiritual lifestyle. 💓

I believe the best teachers or healers had to learn the lesson through experiencing it and grow from there. I was able to relate and support him ~ nurture his self esteem and provide a safe place for healing and love to unfold from the inside out. 💖 HE left saying he was feeling “lighter, more confident and more positive” ~ he actually noticed the shift in 1 hour!

Then the 85 year old ~ it was the same thing. But a different body. She also needed self love healing and happiness in her life. I saw that we are all one. We are all connected, apart of the collective consciousness. She was a strong widow and craved happiness. She left feeling “lighter and more peaceful.” These experiences make me so happy to be apart of. 👐💖

💖 No matter the age. No matter the gender. No matter the skin. No matter what ~ the number one thing we all need in life is: LOVE ~ to be open to receive love from yourself as well as from others. And Happiness. To feel content and satisfied with your life and feel positive knowing you are worthy of joy, love and happiness. 💓

Life is not a competition. It’s not a battle field. There’s enough love for everyone. There’s enough abundance for you, me and the world. 💖💖💖

Then my client asks me: “When you are a famous public speaker, will you still do one on one reiki and hypnosis sessions?”

I said “Yes! Absolutely because I love assisting others experience breakthroughs and I love supporting others. I know when I’m a famous public speaker I will touch the hearts of millions. And that is awesome ~ but I want to be able to still connect one on one and I will make myself available for that, the day after the speaking seminars. And my prices won’t be outrageous like $500/hour it will still be around $80-100/hour for those that need one on one and can’t afford the event.” My client was relieved to hear that.

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Do not take it personally

OMG I love this. It is so true. No matter what pain or suffering people put you through, remember no one can truly bury you. Do not let others dim your light. Spread your love and light and continue to grow.

What others do or say about you, has nothing really to do with you. Remember that! one of the 4 agreements(I love the book): “do not take it personally”. People can think anything they want, eg. someone can tell me my eyes are blue. My eyes are blue, my eyes are blue. etc.. But just because they say that, doesn’t make it true. My eyes are green not blue.

Go grow into a BIG willow tree and dance in the wind, reach for the sky and the only thing that matters is whats the truth in your heart.
Trust in your Higher Power, it will never abandon you.
As a child people tried to bury me – I was bullied
As a teen people tried to bury me – I was physically and emotionally abused.
As an adult people realize they can’t bury me. I am a STRONG Goddess that KNOWS my worth and my truth. Stand tall like the tree, firmly embedded in LOVE and LIGHT. Nothing can bury you.

#4agreements #brave #courageous


Not everyone has to be your everything

piccckNot everyone has to be your everything. Find the right tribe for each vibe. Let go of expectations. We can not expect all our friends or family members to be there for us 100%. Sometimes all they can hold space for is 40% of you, and that is ok. You can manifest the right people to give you the support you need. The right teachers, healers, coaches and friends; that can support you fully.

When you experience an uplevel, sometimes you want to be able to share everything with everyone, or you may desire your friends or family to grow with you. BUT sometimes your partner, your family or your friends can not give you what they do not contain, or know how to give.

We have to let go of expectations that everyone has to be our everything. Let go of expectations that people will be able to support you fully. We must find the right tribe for each vibe. Which means, we can receive from many directions. From many people, to fully feel supported. Some may offer 50% of support, some may offer 80% of what we need at the time. Let go of expectations, that it has to come only from ONE person, it doesn’t!

We can have a tribe to support us on our journey. And we can not make someone grow. We can not take someone’s pain away, what we can do is give love and compassion. We can meet them where they are with compassion, and let it be what it is. Some of us may grow apart from old friends/family, and grow closer with new friends and that is all apart of the journey.

Just let go of judgement, and do not TRY and force others to SEE what they can NOT see. It is not their time. And it may not ever be, Its NOT your job to FIX anyone.

The ONLY person you can heal or transform is YOURSELF. We can guide someone, but we can not CHANGE someone.

Let go of expectations, be real and take the journey one step at a time. We are all unique and will grow at different rates.



Self LOVE Painting Party

Art is a phenomenalwomangreat way to connect with your inner Goddess, and create unique masterpieces

Once I went to a celebration of life funeral, for a friends aunt who passed away after a battle with breast cancer.  At the celebration of life event, which had taken place at a magical banquet hall; there were tables of items she loved, and what caught my focus were her paintings.

She painted flowers, circles, and some abstract art, all with her breasts.  It was a way for her to celebrate her feminine body before she removed them. When I seen her paintings, I got inspired. I thought it was such a beautiful gesture to do for yourself. “Why wait for a disease to celebrate your feminine body, and paint with your breasts.” So I decided to host an event for my friends to honour our feminine Goddess bodies and LOVE ourselves without waiting. To step into our sensual side, to paint with our breasts and let go of judgement. Enjoy the process. We all have a formed thought about our breasts. Some of us love them, some of us feed our children with them, and some may also hate them. We think it should be bigger, smaller, pointer, rounder, or firmer.

This is why I wanted to create a party to celebrate being a Goddess. To embrace all of our bodies, no matter how we feel about them. To accept our big, small, saggy, firm, or scarred breasts. I told my friends to bring their own paints and canvas. It was such a sacred event, we all met at a yoga studio. We had beautiful empowering music on, which helped us get in the mood to relax. Then we sat in a circle, it was on International Women’s Day too, which was not intentional, but divine timing indeed.
Before we began, I smudged each of us, and passed around a talking crystal so the other Goddesses can share why they want to do this. It was so beautiful to hear, some said “to teach my daughters to love themselves,” “to accept my body as it is,” “to get over the idea that I should have implants,” “to love my breasts, even though I had breast cancer and have only half a breast left on one side.” It was very moving; my heart was so touched by all the energy in our circle.

I have this crystal that is rough on the outside, looks like a plain, bumpy, dull stone. That is cut in half; in the middle you see beautiful, shiny, clear quartz crystals. I gave a story with the stone, which goes like this:

“We each judge ourselves. We think ‘if only I lost 20lbs,’ ‘I wish I looked more like so and so,’ ‘my butt is too big,’ ‘my butt is too small,’ ‘I am too short,’ ‘I am too tall,’ ‘I am not pretty,’ ‘I am boring,’ and so on. We judge ourselves based on what we think we are, on the surface. It is a bad habit that we picked up in our society. We need to stop judging ourselves, just like this stone. On the outside it may look rough, ugly, and nothing special. But on the inside it’s a glistering star. Just like US. We are all amazing, unique, sparkles of light. We need to embrace our spirit and remember that we are here to love ourselves, not judge ourselves.”
Its true, we can’t judge a book by its cover, we can’t judge a person by the size of their pants, or bra for that matter. We are all special, and need to be confident in our ability to share our love to others and ourselves. Then after we each shared why we were here; we all scattered around the yoga studio, and had our private space to create beautiful masterpieces. It was truly an amazing experience. We placed our paints on a small plate, then we dipped our breasts in the paint. It was like a meditation, as we were all in our Zen, private space just connecting to our Goddess and painting from our hearts.

Some of us were shy, some of us weren’t shy, I made sure everyone felt comfortable. Some of us were moving to the music, swaying our breasts from one side of the canvas to the other. Gliding with ease. While others were plopping their breasts like stamps on the canvas, with confidence. Each of us had our own way of creating the paintings, and it all turned out beautifully. Each of the art pieces looked different and represented each of our unique Goddess power.

It felt empowering because we accepted our bodies fully, and we created a strong magical piece of art that will always remind us of this sacred experience. That one celebration of life event, planted the seed in my soul to organize this Goddess circle for some friends. I received tons of positive feedback, and others are waiting for me to host this again. I think every woman should try this at least once, go ahead. Buy some paint, buy a canvas and go explore your Goddess-ness with your breasts. It was not a sexual experience; it was a powerful, sacred, and sensual experience. Which I would love to host again.goodesslove


My Meeting with Tony Robbins

On Sept 16, 2015 I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Power of Success event in Toronto. This truly was an amazing experience for me because everything I wanted to attract into my life for that event came true.

If you Believe, Anything is Possible!

This is how the magic happened:
I had bought a ticket in general seating to the event but then I decided to ask if they were accepting volunteers – it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? – so I sold my general seat ticket and told everyone I was going to manifest VIP seats as well as a picture with Tony Robbins. Others thought that was a tall order but the person I am I have faith that anything is possible and I dream BIG!

So I got accepted as a volunteer and there I was, in the room with 50 others. There were multiple different job descriptions for us, and I could have landed up on the door, taking cash, or even in the coat room. But I manifested being an usher in the VIP section, which was only accepting 8 volunteers.

So there I was sitting in the third row, in Platinum seats valued at USD$900 – what an upgrade from my general seat! – and all I had to do was be an usher and make sure everyone in the section got to their correct seats. This was very exciting for me because it made me believe that I WILL get a chance to talk to Tony face to face. During the event I made sure I was visible and did my job as well as I could, so I was asked to go into the VIP room and make sure Tony didn’t get swarmed by anyone after his talk. That was a great opportunity for me because I was right there with him.

While I was there I asked the photographer (see, I did it again – ASK!) if I could get a photo with him, because he’s been a mentor for me since my teenage years. I joined the line-up and what transpired is that all the VIP volunteers got to take their picture with him. I even managed to give him a business card, which he placed in his pocket, and I told him I love him and that he has helped me to become who I am today.

I believe I took charge of what I wanted and this enabled me to network extensively and connect with other business professionals who may be beneficial in my future work. All it takes is knowing what you want and manifesting to make it possible.


Choose to be Radiant


Iradiant wrote this blog for The Wellness Universe website and got over 1000 shares, which brings a big smile to my heart.

Being in Spirit, trusting and coming from pure radiating love and light is truly an act of being ONE with the Presence of Source. When we are one with the presence, the God self, we can see the truth about our life. Our awareness is heightened into a higher frequency that attracts others that emulate that same frequency. Likes attracting like, they say. So when we choose to act from our Spirit, we receive more truth, pure, immortal energy into our life. Each morning when I am saying my daily affirmations I say, “I am one with Spirit. I fully embrace my Spirit today.” When you do this affirmation you will subconsciously program your mind to be more Spirit centered. And when you are coming from Spirit you are radiating LOVE.

It is your job to radiate love like its the suns job to radiate light.

We each have a soul; it’s who we really are. We are not our bodies, we are not our minds, and we are not our jobs. We are what’s looking at our bodies, our minds and our surroundings. We are the awareness that can observe all of life. The Presence of our being, we are Spirit and we must decide daily how much light we want to shine into the world. Choosing to walk with Integrity is healthy for our being. Being honest to our hearts and connecting to love is easy to do. Remember, you can decide at any time what you want to emulate. I find it easier to be walking with integrity and being real. I like to think of it as Love is Spirit in motion, and Fear is Ego in motion. Sometimes if you find yourself in fear, ask yourself “where is this coming from (past lives/ current life)? Is it really MY fear? Or is it an old program I was taught?” Once you are aware of your emotions, and you are consciously making efforts to improve you will find it easier to choose Spirit on a daily basis.

Trust is a key ingredient in choosing to walk in Spirit. Trust that everything will be exactly how it is supposed to be. Trust that we are not alone, that Source is watching over us. Trust that our hardships will pass and we will grow from our experiences. We must trust in order to be free from fear. We must trust in order to believe in ourselves. We must trust to follow our truth, to follow our intuition, our awareness. If we really pay attention to our intuitions we will be closer to our Spirit selves.

As I look at my journey, I know that I am blessed to have this awareness I have now, and that I am still learning. I always remain open to new things. I know that I am a student for life and that I will not be the same person tomorrow that I am right now. I trust that I will evolve, I will grow and I will inspire others to do the same: To grow, to transform, and to stay in spirit. It really is all about our choices we make. I choose to walk with pure divine love, to radiate divine light and stay in spirit today. What will you choose today?

How about choosing to Be Radiant?

Radiate your love, your light your passion to everyone you meet. Shine so bright that when others see you they can sense you are an amplifier of LOVE. That’s your job to radiate love like it’s the sun’s job to radiate light. Start shining your true self, your passion, and your love so you can create a shift in others energy fields just by your presence. Choose to shine your positive light into the lives of others you meet, like magic. The more we radiate love and light, the more we heal our world. The more we teach others to choose the same – to choose to walk in Spirit. With a powerful light that fuels humankind; we each have the power to shine, it’s our birthright!

Thank you Oprah, she is a perfect example of choosing to radiate her love, her light to our world.

“Each one of us is a radiant being. Beautiful and perfect as we are created. Exactly as we are.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has been an angel to humankind. She has introduced us all to many gurus/spiritual teachers and has assisted the energies of our world to amplify tremendously. To have the platform to reach millions and choose to help and bring awareness to everyone is truly an act of an angel. She makes a conscious decision every day to radiate love and light. She doesn’t need to have her Super Soul Sundays, she can retire. But she chooses to follow her passion, chooses to connect with her Spirit and share her gift with us all.

Now GO Share your love and light with someone today and remember you are an amplifier of LOVE.

We can never overdose on LOVE. Love is ONE with Spirit.




Letting your Inner Goddess Shine Through

Last week I posted a video on my Facebook page of myself doing some belly dancing moves. The first time I did the ¾ shimmy my teacher told me I got it right away. When my daughter Solraya asked me to share my moves, I was hesitant and shy to do so because I am a Goddess with LOTS of curves. But since she is going to perform next month in front of 300 people, I didn’t feel right not being prepared to do the same.

Finding the Inner Goddess

I want my daughter to be comfortable in her skin and not obsessed with harmful ideas about how girls “should” look. This got me thinking: what are some of the ways we can let our inner Goddesses shine through and show our beauty without always being at the mercy of self-critical thoughts of our imperfections? Here are some things that work for me:

#1: Keeping a Balance

inner goddessWhen you’re stressed, you’re the complete opposite of graceful and goddess-like. Focus on maintaining a balance in your life by avoiding taking on too many assignments, tasks or duties that get you on the run—and keep you there. Avoid last minute chaos by following a planned schedule that includes enough sleep, time for yourself and your family, opportunities to meditate and enjoy nature and good food and exercise.

#2: Practicing Mindfulness

Focus on the here and now, not the future or the past. The only time you really have is right now, so make a point to experience it to the fullest. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, really feel the earth beneath your feet. Savour the sensation of the wind in your hair, the sounds of nature around you, the warmth of the sun and the joy that watching your children brings. Forget (just for a minute) about having to start cooking dinner, the work that’s waiting on your desk and the chores that are lined up to be done. Be mindful, right here, right now.

#3: Being Happy

Contentment and keeping your spirits up is crucial to your daily wellbeing, particularly if you live a hectic lifestyle or maintain a crazy pace. Give yourself permission to be happy. Let go of the past and the problems that plague you by addressing them one by one and then releasing them to the Universe. Be grateful for everything that’s good in your life. Indulge your passions in a limited fashion—that odd bar of chocolate won’t really do harm to your health, and relaxing with a sundowner after a long day will help to release the endorphins you need to calm your spirit.

#4: Smiling – a Lot!

Smiling is therapeutic, not just for those around but for you, too. It’s a daily “mini-workout” for your facial muscles, for one thing, which helps to keep them supple for when you’re older. It inspires others, and reveals the aura of happiness and grace that shows your inner goddess to the world. And the response you get will inspire you, too. Everyone loves getting a smile, and 90% of the time their instinctive reaction is to smile right back. That raises your spirits and improves your day, too.

#5: Trusting Your Impulses – Most of the Time

Learn to recognize the impulses that come from the desire to show love or kindness to others, and trust them enough to act on them. Likewise, learn to recognize the ones that stem from ego, or the desire to promote yourself, to be seen as better than someone else or to win a point over your colleague. If you can trust those enough to learn NOT to act on them, you’ll have achieved a real victory for your inner goddess.

Take Time to Embrace Your Goddess

Listen to your heart, what are you feeling you should or shouldn’t do? Listen to the divine within and honour yourself first. Don’t be a “people pleaser!” If someone asks you to do something but it doesn’t feel good inside, then learn to speak up for yourself. Don’t be afraid to say NO.

I made an acroynm for the word NO – it’s NEW OPPORTUNITIES. When you say NO you are giving yourself a NEW OPPORTUNITY to honour your truth:

  • What do you REALLY want to do?
  • How do you really feel?

Listening to your heart is giving yourself the LOVE that you deserve. I had to learn this, because I used to be a people pleaser and would say yes to people when in my heart I wanted to say NO. I knew that I let people walk all over me, and I was tired of not letting my Goddess shine. I decided each day to do something just for ME, which was to ask myself “what does my heart want?” I stopped feeling obligated, and i started feeling my inner Goddess grow.

Stand Up for Yourself

Speaking up for yourself will give you a new opportunity that you may have missed if you did something because you felt you “should” vs because you really wanted too. Standing up for yourself is telling the Universe that you know you are important and you deserve all the blessings and opportunities to come your way. Saying NO to others if you are feeling called too, is saying YES to your heart. Balance is key; I love helping others, and I will always want to be of service for others, but I am talking about something else. When its not balanced, not healthy and its the “too needy” kind of energy. Just listen to your heart, and it will guide you to your Goddess.

Shine a Light…

Shine your light on the world by revealing your inner goddess, and enjoy the benefits that will come your way when you no longer worry about society’s expectations for beauty and joy.


Steps for Achieving Balance in Your Life

Finding a balance in life gets more difficult as time progresses. Sometimes it just feels as if I’m living my life according to a ToDo list: wake up, dress, eat, get the kids ready, rush off to work, rush home, make dinner, do homework, get some sleep and then it begins all over again. Hardly the way to find joy and fulfillment, no?

So how can you go about achieving balance, order, rhythm and harmony in your life—without actually winning that lottery we’re all itching to get our hands on?

Step 1: Take stock of your life.

You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken. Spend some time examining your life, your state of mind and your emotions. Are you neglecting areas of your life that are important to you, or to your loved ones? Be brutally honest and make a note of the areas where you aren’t giving enough attention.

a balance in lifeStep 2: Make a list.

For each aspect of your life that is out of balance, identify whether it’s internally- or externally-focused. Group the areas into lists for each, and if there are other ways to categorize them together then do that too. Don’t just list “work” as a broad area that needs balancing—break it up into those aspects you feel are under control, versus those that aren’t. Identify the areas you’re satisfied with and leave those out.

Step 3: Set your goals.

We all know what we’d like to achieve, but just how much of that is realistic? Let’s say you’re spending far too much time working, which is a common problem in this face-paced world of ours. For each area that you feel is out of balance, identify what you want to achieve and then temper it with what you believe is realistic and doable.

Step 4: Make plans.

You know the old saying: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” Heaven knows we won’t be eating any elephants around here, but the analogy is a good one when you’re facing the huge task of bringing your life into balance.

Identify one primary action you can take for each item on your list that will help to level the playing fields. Then break it down into the steps needed to make it happen. For example, you’re working late too often and your job is encroaching into your family time. That’s externally-focused, but the advantage is you can probably reduce your stress by taking practical steps to achieve a balance. It might not be practical to stop working late altogether, but if you’re currently doing three nights a week, aim to bring it down to two in the short term.

Now, how do you avoid that third late night each week? It’s essentially a three-hour stretch, so your solutions could include handing off a particular task to a colleague, which can reduce your work time by those three hours. It might not even be the work you’re doing during that time, just a task that will free you up for the same duration. How will you spend the time you gain? This could include meditation, yoga or simply treating yourself to something that brings you joy.

Step 5: Reflect on past achievements.

What have you done in the past that you’re most proud of? This doesn’t need to be an accomplishment in the business world or even the home environment; it could be a personal or spiritual victory that benefited you. How did you go about managing it? How did you deal with fears, doubts and insecurities? What processes worked for you particularly well that you could bring to bear on your current circumstances?

Step 6: Make preparations

Preparing to make changes in your life is always a big deal. Identify the changes you need to make in your thinking, your attitude and your motivation. Determine how you’re going to achieve those changes, and what will it take to make you stick to them. List things or events that could help to push you off-track, and plan how you’ll mitigate those if they occur.

Step 7: Empower yourself to act.

Give yourself permission to take the steps you need to take to achieve balance and harmony in your life. Banish guilt that can sabotage your efforts. Just because you don’t cook every single dinner doesn’t make you a bad mother or homemaker, so empower yourself to take time out for things that are far more important than cooked vegetables!

Step 8: Foster useful connections.

Everyone needs support, and when you’re working to get your life into harmony it’s no exception to the rule. Identify one or more mentors with whom you relate well, and who can be trusted to get you back on track if you veer off it. Explain to your mentor/s what you’re trying to achieve and why; provide him or her with a list of your potential sabotaging behaviours, and your action plans for overcoming them. Set up regular connections with your mentors for reviewing your progress and providing input.

Step 9: Take time for yourself.

Trust me, I know how it is to feel pulled in every direction. As a mother of 4, a business owner, a wife and a friend it’s essential for me to take time for MYSELF everyday, or else I will feel exhausted afterwards. I thrive on balance, though, and everyday I take time to do something just for ME. I usually go to the gym and workout for an hour a day, which my body will thank me for later and which produces natural endorphins that make us happy. Then I take time to play with my 3 year old, who is with me everyday because I work part-time. You can often find me singing songs, playing with lego and reading books to him.

I make sure I spend time with my hubby, watching a movie, talking and sharing life’s stories, etc. We also plan a date night at least twice a month, kid-free! I am known to get a phone call at 7pm and will run out the door to see friends who are in need of an ear to listen too, while we enjoy a tea.

Balance is key for any healthy relationships, for your kids, for your partner, for your friends and MOST importantly for yourself. YOU are worth it, YOU deserve peace. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else.

Remember, it takes 21 days to break a habit so don’t expect to change things overnight. Work slowly towards a balance in every aspect of your life, and you’ll reap the benefits of living in harmony with yourself and everyone around you.


5 Ways to Make Gratitude Benefit Your Health

A popular concept on Facebook these days is to post a daily “Attitude of Gratitude” item. I love this because it makes us stop and think about what we have to be grateful for. There’s actually quite a large amount of scientific evidence available that people who practice gratitude as part of their lifestyle enjoy more well-being than others.

How Gratitude Affects Health

Research from the UK’s Manchester University School of Psychology turned up proof that gratitude can be a stronger indicator of health and happiness than any other character trait. A recent study showed that participants who paid a gratitude visit to someone whom they felt grateful to benefited from a significant increase in their happiness level and a corresponding drop in depression scores.

When we make practicing gratitude a part of our daily routine, it helps us achieve a life full of joy, passion and grace. Here’s how:

#1: Keep a Journal

attitude of gratitudeIt’s easy to forget the things we have to be grateful for, especially as we get older. Make a point of writing down three things every day, and review the journal whenever you’re feeling down. This helps to remind you of how fortunate you are. It also helps to keep you positive and inspires you when you need it. Various studies have shown that when participants recorded what they were grateful for, they achieved lasting improvement in their happiness score.

#2: Express Feelings of Appreciation

When you’re grateful for something, say so. Not only will it help the recipient of your gratitude to understand and benefit from your appreciation, but it will also help to “cement” it in your own subconscious mind. The best way to get more is to give more, and unless you show your gratitude to others they aren’t likely to show theirs to you. So it works both ways.

#3: Walk the Talk

Talking about your gratitude and appreciation is great, but you’ll benefit even more if you walk the talk. Choose someone whose actions have affected your life in a positive way and pay them a gratitude visit. Think of a way to acknowledge them specially for what they’ve done. This could be picking some wild flowers and taking them along, baking a special treat or singing outside their window. As long as your intention is to bring them unsolicited joy, you’ll both benefit.

#4: Look for the Good

There’s a saying in business that goes “Don’t look for things your staff are doing wrong; try to catch them doing something right.” You can apply this to your Attitude of Gratitude, too, by looking for opportunities to express gratitude or appreciation. Be aware of chances to acknowledge those around you, and seize those opportunities to say “thank you” to them.

#5: Remind Yourself Regularly

When life gets in the way and things become crazy, it’s easy to forget the good stuff that you have going on. That’s where your journal can come in useful. Even if you aren’t necessarily able to sit and review it, however, reminding yourself how fortunate you are and taking the time to “count your blessings” will lift your spirits and pull you out of a negative slump. And once your blood is pumping, your heart is singing and you’re at peace with the world, you’ll find you infect others the same way and the blessings will flow back to you.

Try it today. Practice an “attitude of gratitude” for a week and see how it makes you feel.