Childrens Reiki

Ages: 6 – 13 years old


kidsreikiHow do you know your child is ready to learn Reiki energy healing?

Do they see you learning about it? Do they ask if they can try? Do they come to comfort you when you are not feeling well and their touch is soft and gentle yet powerfully soothing and even healing? Is your child having difficulty fitting in? Does your child seem to have low self esteem? Is your child one of the children already aware of their gifts?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your child may be ready to learn Reiki.


Being a mother of 4 young children, I know the desire to help comes at a very early age; it is a natural instinct that we all embody. Reiki empowers us to be able to offer healing energy in a kind and gentle way to our family, friends, classmates, teachers, animals and plants. Learning Reiki will keep children open as the natural channel that they are. Reiki can be instrumental in developing a child’s self esteem. It assists them in having a positive body image, and makes them feel more self-reliant, knowing they can heal themselves when they are feeling ill. Reiki is a valuable tool to help them through the stresses of growing up. Reiki encourages self awareness and self empowerment in a child’s learning experience.


Children are so open, ready and imaginative making it that much easier to teach Reiki in a fun and easy way. This workshop is designed with a child’s well being in mind. There is nothing to memorize or any preparation necessary before the class. Once attuned to the Usui Reiki energy they can access it just by placing their hands on any part of their body as they think about the energy. Just thinking about it can activate the energy into motion. They can lay in bed at night and relax as the warmth coming from their hands radiates a soothing feeling that relaxes and calms them to sleep. The Usui Reiki energy can be very helpful for sports injuries. Some people have reported faster healing time when using Reiki after a sport trauma.


In this fun and interactive program, the Children are taken on a journey of self-discovery to explore their own inner power. The Children will be in a supportive and nurturing environment to discover the healing method of Reiki.


In Reiki First Degree you will learn:

  • The Story of Reiki
  • What is Reiki
  • Sensing the energy field
  • How Reiki can help us to heal ourselves, family, friends, animals and plants
  • Heart centered listening, developing and listening to your inner voice.
  • How our words and thoughts effect our energy fields
  • About the chakras
  • About meditation and breath
  • About various grounding and centering techniques
  • Reiki Arts and Crafts
  • Self confidence through Reiki


Next Session

Date: TBA

Time: 10am – 3pm

Ages: 6 thru 13

Pricing: $100.00 (CAD) per child and $30.00 (CAD) per each Parent or Grandparent (this is optional if you want to stay in the class, does not include an adults attunement).


Course fee includes snacks, all class materials, Children’s Reiki Manual, a Reiki 1 attunement and their Reiki First Degree Certification.

To register for a class: Call (905) – 988 – 9009 or contact me here.

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