Goddess I AM Online Program


I Believe a Circle of Women is the Most Powerful Force. I believe in its power to unite, to lift up, to encourage and inspire and most of all I believe in its power to CHANGE.

I believe that a circle of women has the power to help me to remember.

To remember the Goddess I Am.

  • That I Am Greatness.
  • That I Am Optimistic.
  • That I Am Deserving.
  • That I Am Divine.
  • That I Am Empowered.
  • That I Am Sensual.
  • That I Am Strength.


Do You Long to Remember These Things About Yourself Too?

Are you looking for the remembering and amplification that can only come from circling with like-minded and hearted women? Are you ready to receive guidance, love, and support that meets you where you are, and just as you are?

Then you might belong in the Goddess I Am Online Circle.

The Goddess I Am Circle is a private online sisterhood – a small group of women who will circle together not once or twice a month in person, but throughout the whole month online. As a member of the ‘Goddess I Am’ you and I will work closely together; I will share daily guidance, clarity and inspiration and you’ll have access to monthly healings and mentorship opportunities.


My heart in forming this circle is to invite you to step into your power and to BE the strong Goddess that you were meant to be. Circle Membership will include:

Goddess program (2)

To make it both easy and affordable for you the Goddess I Am Circle offers three ways to pay. Pay $111 a month (with a three month commitment), or pay $300 for the first three months all at once. Or, if you know that this Circle is calling you into deep work then you can choose to commit for a full year for only $1000 (that’s a savings of $332).

Are you ready to remember the Goddess You Already Are? Join the circle here.

Receive online DAILY support from the comfort of your home!

LIMITED Space, Act NOW and SAVE!!!  Registration ends on April 30th. Please email me at: info@sacredbreakthroughs.com to RESERVE your SPOT.



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