Natalie created an acronym for the word “Goddess” and has dedicated a chapter to each letter: Greatness, Overcoming, Deserving, Divine, Embracing, Strength, and Sensuality. Each letter represents its own lesson and invitation to allow the Divine Goddess Within to express.

Take the time to allow Natalie’s story to speak to you as you read. Let your soul see the commonalities of your paths. Let the words gently nudge your Inner Goddess from her slumber and invite her to stand full in her power and express through you. It’s your time!


Rev. Natalaie Haig is a Metaphysical Teacher, Healer, Minster and Inspirational Leader. Natalie has been assisting others on their healing journeys since 2002. She is the perfect example of someone who knows their purpose early in life and follows her calling. She is known for her passion and ability to empower others in following their dreams.

Here are some topics that are covered in this book:


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