NEW BOOK: I AM Goddess – A Journey of Awakening

Natalie has created an acronym for the word “Goddess” and has dedicated a chapter to each letter: Greatness, Overcoming, Deserving, Divine, Embracing, Strength, and Sensuality. Each letter represents its own lesson and invitation to allow the Divine Goddess Within to express. For “Greatness,” she covers topics such as: God/Source, energy, gratitude, love, law of attraction, letting go and more! For “Overcoming,” she shares her personal stories of overcoming abuse, releasing fears, and seeing the blessings in her struggles. For “Deserving,” she talks about worthiness, self-love, and created an acronym for the word NO and YES to empower others to step into their authentic truths and release the need to people please. For “Divine,” she shares her experiences that were miraculous and sacred. Such as Manifestations, divine interventions, past lives, connecting to angels and trusting source. For “Embracing,” she inspires and encourages you to embrace life! Embracing peace, prosperity, clarity, health and difficulties. For “Strength,” she covers topics that will assist you in finding your inner strength. So you can believe in yourself and live authentically. For “Sensuality” she shares and gives examples of using our senses to connect and embrace our divine self. She also explores Sacred Sexuality and lists a guideline for a great pleasurable experience!

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Embrace Yourself: Daily Affirmations For A Positive Self Image.

Natalie was guided to create this deck of 37 affirmation cards to assist others in embracing themselves: body, mind and spirit.

“Thank you! Looking forward in using them in my classes! They are amazing!”
– Jackie, yoga teacher


Use these affirmation cards daily as a tool for personal transformation. Take time to really read the card and fully integrate each affirmation into your being.


Here is a sneak peak:






About the artist: The Visionary Art of Atmara Rebecca Cloe has its own unique style, energy and enormous breadth of subject matter including goddesses, angels, visionary landscapes, the beauty of nature, dolphins, images of spirit and light, crystals, mandalas and more. You can order any of these prints on her website.

Embrace YourSelf, daily affirmation cards for a Positive Self Image text copyright © 2008 by Natalie Haig

Images copyright © by Atmara Rebecca Cloe. All rights reserved

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