Long Distance Sessions

Long Distance Reiki and Hypnosis Sessions NOW available

Distance Reiki

Reiki is energy healing, that is very effective in assisting the receiver/client in balancing your body, mind, spirit and emotions. It can also be sent Long Distance – even when I am not in the same room as you.  I can be at home while the client can be anywhere in the world. Distance Reiki is just as effective. Just like the healing power of prayer, which goes beyond time and space as we define it, so does distance Reiki.

All I require is the client’s name and location to provide the session. The clients will receive the energy where it is needed most in their body, mind, spirit and emotions. You can receive the energy anywhere -at work, while you sleep, while you relax or even if you are engaged in activity, it does not matter.  I will send the reiki, and then when you are ready to receive it,  you just need to call it in – with your intention: “I am calling in the Reiki Natalie sent to me today, for my best and highest good.”

Distance Reiki can be sent to support a person in the future such as during a surgery, a court date, a meeting, after a chemo session, or taking a test. These are just a few examples of why someone might require Reiki to be sent to support them at a future date and time. Reiki can also be sent to heal the past such as to traumatic experiences – physical, emotional, and mental experiences/events that a person would like to release. Traumatic experiences held or trapped in the body create energy blocks or a void in the body’s energy field, leaving the field open to possible imbalance or illness.

The power of Reiki is amazing

After each session you will recieve a 10 minute audio of the healing – where I share any insight or guidance I received during our session including chakra analysis, aura readings or Angel guidance, etc.

Price is $80 / hour (CAD)

Long Distance Hypnosis sessions

Hypnosis sessions do not always have to be conducted in person. If you do not live in my area, that is perfectly fine – you can still have access to a hypnosis session via online.

What you will need is a computer, and either Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. That way we can see each other during the session and it will work just as effective as if we were in person. You must have a good pair of headphones that can connect to your computer and a mic.

You must be able sit in front of your computer with headphones so we can see and speak to each other.




I have had clients from Spain and USA with great success.

Price is $130 for 90 minutes (intial appointment) Follow ups $75 / hour (CAD)