Choose Happiness

Had a beautiful day: 2 clients then family time.
One client was 22 yr old male. And one was a 85 yr old female. They both came for reiki. But what was beautiful was seeing myself in them both. 🌸

I saw how the 22 yr old needed ‘self love’ medicine so we did healing for that. He actually told me he needed this ~ And I realized guys/male need to work on their self worth as much as Goddesses do. He felt unlovable, unworthy and unhappy. Alot of guys don’t have a safe place to letΒ go and heal. They are taught to suck it up – stop crying – be a man! 🌷

We all struggle with self love at least once in our lifetime. The need for approval, the lack of self worth, feeling not enough, feeling ugly etc…. I saw how my teenager years happened so I can shine love to my clients. I know how it felt to be insecure and struggle with self love as a teen and that is what brought me into my holistic and spiritual lifestyle.Β πŸ’“

I believe the best teachers or healers had to learn the lesson through experiencing it and grow from there. I was able to relate and support him ~ nurture his self esteem and provide a safe place for healing and love to unfold from the inside out.Β πŸ’–βœ¨Β HE left saying he was feeling “lighter, more confident and more positive” ~ he actually noticed the shift in 1 hour!

Then the 85 year old ~ it was the same thing. But a different body. She also needed self love healing and happiness in her life. I saw that we are all one. We are all connected, apart of the collective consciousness. She was a strong widow and craved happiness. She left feeling “lighter and more peaceful.” These experiences make me so happy to be apart of.Β πŸ‘πŸ’–

πŸ’–Β No matter the age. No matter the gender. No matter the skin. No matter what ~ the number one thing we all need in life is: LOVE ~ to be open to receive love from yourself as well as from others. And Happiness. To feel content and satisfied with your life and feel positive knowing you are worthy of joy, love and happiness.Β πŸ’“

Life is not a competition. It’s not a battle field. There’s enough love for everyone. There’s enough abundance for you, me and the world.Β πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ’–βœ¨

Then my client asks me: “When you are a famous public speaker, will you still do one on one reiki and hypnosis sessions?”

I said “Yes! Absolutely because I love assisting others experience breakthroughs and I love supporting others. I know when I’m a famous public speaker I will touch the hearts of millions. And that is awesome ~ but I want to be able to still connect one on one and I will make myself available for that, the day after the speaking seminars. And my prices won’t be outrageous like $500/hour it will still be around $80-100/hour for those that need one on one and can’t afford the event.” My client was relieved to hear that.

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Not everyone has to be your everything

piccckNot everyone has to be your everything. Find the right tribe for each vibe. Let go of expectations. We can not expect all our friends or family members to be there for us 100%. Sometimes all they can hold space for is 40% of you, and that is ok. You can manifest the right people to give you the support you need. The right teachers, healers, coaches and friends; that can support you fully.

When you experience an uplevel, sometimes you want to be able to share everything with everyone, or you may desire your friends or family to grow with you. BUT sometimes your partner, your family or your friends can not give you what they do not contain, or know how to give.

We have to let go of expectations that everyone has to be our everything. Let go of expectations that people will be able to support you fully. We must find the right tribe for each vibe. Which means, we can receive from many directions. From many people, to fully feel supported. Some may offer 50% of support, some may offer 80% of what we need at the time. Let go of expectations, that it has to come only from ONE person, it doesn’t!

We can have a tribe to support us on our journey. And we can not make someone grow. We can not take someone’s pain away, what we can do is give love and compassion. We can meet them where they are with compassion, and let it be what it is. Some of us may grow apart from old friends/family, and grow closer with new friends and that is all apart of the journey.

Just let go of judgement, and do not TRY and force others to SEE what they can NOT see. It is not their time. And it may not ever be, Its NOT your job to FIX anyone.

The ONLY person you can heal or transform is YOURSELF. We can guide someone, but we can not CHANGE someone.

Let go of expectations, be real and take the journey one step at a time. We are all unique and will grow at different rates.