Feeling the Love:

therese“As a society we put far to much emphasis on modern 

medicine and synthetic fixes to physical & emotional ailments. Sacred alternative therapies like Reiki are the key to emotional wellness. Over the last 5 years my reiki sessions with Reverend Natalie Haig have completely changed my life for the better. Being in a high stress career it is pivotal to my inner peace to stay grounded, Natalie helps me to achieve that balance. She is a truly gifted soul who’s wise and luminous energy had helped me find the best parts of myself and let go of feelings and negative emotions that no longer served me. I am blessed to have her as a spiritual guide and healer.” – Therese DeGrace




“As a massage therapist, I have realized in order to heal others I have to be able to heal myself first. The Reiki treatments I am receiving from Natalie are a crucial part in helping me do so. Teaching me to focus inward, and removing any lingering unwanted negative energies are just a couple of the amazing acts Natalie has blessed me with.  Natalie’s healing energy, kind nature, and radiation of positivity has been a huge guide, leading myself to be optimal in mind, body, and especially spirit. Natalie is guiding me to experience my own Sacred Breakthrough.” – In good faith, Kendra



“Reiki is a wonderful healing modality. Natalie adds something more, her own personal touch that goes beyond the traditional session.” – Rachel Goulet, osteopath

“It was so great meeting you last night Natalie! I simply just recognized you instantly as a soul sister…how amazing! You are a high priestess and embody the Goddess truly. Such an honor. I feel you hold the ancient feminine wisdom within you.” – Nicole Hemmer, Transpersonal Psychologist


From the very first time I met Natalie, her kind heart, warm smile always brings light and unconditional love to those that are present. She inspires individuals through supporting their being at the core level of healing. Her work is one of humility and she is conscious of her words. I have had the opportunity to receive reflexology, reiki and hypnosis from Natalie. As an observer during these times that she has facilitated such healing practices, she presents a professional attitude and engages with her clients in a very calming, supporting and nurturing way.  Myself, as a professional instructor and practitioner I would not hesitate in referring individuals to study or receive sessions with Natalie.” – Cindilee Ecker- Flagg, Wainfleet, On. (my reiki master)



“I recently had the pleasure of having a reiki treatment followed by a guided meditation and space clearing with the talented Natalie H. And amazingly it was all done in the comfort of my own home, via Skype! Anyone who knows Natalie, knows she exudes positive energy and love. Thus it is no wonder that an energy healing session with her is nothing short of spectacular. The session left me feeling relaxed, more focused and cleared my energetic blocks. As an added bonus, following the space clearing, my young daughter who has been chronically waking 3-10 times a night slept through until 5 am (and continues to do so!). Thank you from the bottom of my (and my daughter’s) heart. You are truly a unique, talented and beautiful soul. Can’t wait for our next session!! Xx” – Nikki D.


“From the moment I laid eyes on Natalie, I was awash in feelings of joy and peace and love. Is there one word for all that? Yes, theword is Natalie. She is that extraordinary type of person who exudes unconditional love and wisdom. Taking her workshop “Manifesting The Life You Deserve” helped me easily focus on what I want, what makes me happy, what I want to manifest in my life, and how to do it so simply. Her presentation was lively and loving, informational, joyful, and so deep. I look forward to working further with her in as many ways as possible, and until then, all I have to do to feel healing is to visualize her beautiful smile.” – Martha Bouquin – Webmaster and Grateful Student of Healing Arts, Buffalo NY


“Natalie attuned me to Reiki level I. The attunement was a very spiritual experience; because Natalie is a true Goddess and she has great power. In addition to her Goddess power, Natalie is also a beautiful light worker who has an ability to empower everything and everyone she is contact with. When you are merely in her presence you can feel the angels surround you. I am very blessed to have met Natalie and that I am able to call her my teacher and friend. I look forward to learning from her incredible wisdom through sacred breakthroughs, especially during the up and coming Goddess workshop.”   – Melissa Perdue, Montessori teacher , St.Catharines, ON


“I waited for about 7 years after getting my first level Reiki for the right teacher to present, and Natalie Haig was it. Working with her has been some of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. I know she was the right Reiki Master to attune me, and if you feel she is the right teacher for you, I know you would not be disappointed.”
– Davy Bayuk, Int’l. certified yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Q.T. practitioner and Theta healer


“Natalie is a dynamic person with a very welcoming presence. She embodies the Goddess in her daily life and comes from a place of heart in both her teachings and healing work. Natalie is a fun loving whom you’ll enjoy spending time with.” – Natasha Secord, Founder of Beyond Montessori School  


“Natalie Rocks! Shes full of inspiration and a presence that moves you! After Natalie’s talk I left feeling raring to go and ready to strut my stuff! Time spent with Natalie is one you want to relish in! – Yvette Murray, founder of the Holistic World Events in Toronto, On


Goddess Workshop Testimonials:

“Natalie’s Goddess Workshop is like no other! It provides a sacred and safe place for any woman to explore and discover the inner truth…… that she really is a beautiful divine Goddess within. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and evolve Natalie.” – Carol Prentice, website


“I came into this workshop wanting to build my confidence and express that to others without constantly thinking about it. I found that confidence by releasing my fears and becoming open to be in the moment rather then worrying about what will happen. I feel free and lighter now and ready to move forward, Thank you Natalie!”
– Robin, St.Catharines, ON


“Natalie, your presence is inspiring, and you are filled with deep love and generosity.”
– Jacinthe, Toronto, ON

“An intimate safe circle created by the collective energy of the participants guided lovingly by Natalie assisted me in releasing yet another layer of fear and embracing a deeper more profound sense of self love the Goddess lives in me, Thank you.”
– Karen Iurincic, Spiritual Guide, Channeller, St.Catharines, ON


“What an awakening experience! Thank you for a wonderful experience. It feels as if I am more in tune with all things around me, but most of all more at peace in my soul. Awakened”
– Charinee, Toronto, ON


“Thank you for a wonderful womanly experience. Great sharing and teaching.”
– Nancy, St.Catharines, ON

“A wonderful, fulfilling day. Thank you!! You are a great spirit, all the best.”
– Lisa, St.Catharines, ON


“Thank you, Thank you!! Had a wonderful time, great to share in your wonderful knowledge of woman. Looking forward to Playshop #2.”
– Alison, St.Catharines, ON


Affirmation Cards:

“These are a great gift from you to the world. Thank you for sharing this with us”

– Shelley, yoga teacher


“You have inspired many women Nat. Let that be your guide!”
– Rachel, yoga teacher


“Thank you, the cards are beautiful, I look forward in sharing them with my kids.”

“Thank you for the beautiful affirmations – a truly wonderful gift. xo”
– Jill, yoga teacher

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