My recent interview for the Healthy Mindset Wellness Summit (March 2017).Topic was on women’s entrepreneurship. Check it out here:


My Facebook Live March 2017: The Tony Robbins event – messages that will inspire you.  “Love is the oxygen of life.” – Tony Robbins.


Check out my Interview about Creativity and staying in the flow.  


Check out my recent appearance in this Powerful speech on being a Strong Women. My friend Marcos Mendosa made this, it has over 40,500 views on Facebook. 



Facebook live Feb 2017 – throat Chakra medicine, divine download after a client.


Breakthrough Moments – Manifestation and God/Universe

Was interviewed by a well known coach Jaclyn Wallach on: what is the Divine Feminine? Check interview below.

A recent Interview on Death and Rebirth by the Spiritualist International Magazine.

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